Japan Society on Water Environment
JSWE-IDEA International Activity Award

JSWE-IDEA International Activity Award

The Japan Society on Water Environment (JSWE) recognizes activities that are selected as excellent international activities that meet the goals of JSWE as JSWE-IDEA International Activity Award to encourage international interaction and cooperation, and provides grants to cover the partial or entire costs of the selected activity. JSWE is recruiting candidates for the grant based on the following criteria. JSWE is looking forward to receiving many applications.
This grant scheme is carried out by the payment (donation) from IDEA Consultants, Inc.

Application for JSWE-IDEA International Activity Award

Qualification for application

Individual Member of JSWE

Contents of the grant

JSWE provides grants to excellent international activities which meet the goals of JSWE activities. Examples of such activities are as follows:
1) Researches and studies conducted overseas,
2) Activities to spread research information through symposiums, publications, and other means overseas and interactions conducted in overseas or in Japan, and
3) Carrying out of research conferences such as international symposiums overseas or in Japan.

Amount of the grant

Total amount: 0.3 million yen

Period of the grant

April 1 - March 31(Activities that would continue to next Fiscal Year could apply for this grant.)

Number of grants provided

1 activity

Method of application

Those who wish to receive the grant must prepare the following documents and submit them to JSWE by mail (registered mail) or E-mail by the deadline.
JSWE will notify the applicants upon the arrival of the applications. Please contact the JSWE office if you do not receive the acknowledgment of receipt from JSWE within three days.

Documents to be submitted

(Any format is acceptable.)
- Name of applicant, membership number, contact address, TEL, FAX, and E-mail, affiliation, brief resume, research history (list of published researches, international activities, etc.) (about 1 page on A4 size paper)
- The plan which describes contents of activities (purposes, plans, expected outcomes, about 2 pages on A4 size paper)
- Estimate of necessary expenses (be sure to clarify expenses of the entire activity (including the applicant's own fund) and the grant amount that the applicant wishes to receive from JSWE)


Applications must arrive at JSWE no later than January 10

Place to submit application

By Post
JSWE International Award Selection Committee, Japan Society on Water Environment
Green Plaza Fukagawa Tokiwa 201
2-9-7 Tokiwa, Koto-ku, Tokyo 135-0006, JAPAN
(Please write "JSWE International Activity Award" in red on the front side of the envelop and mail it as registered mail.)

By E-mail
JSWE International Award Selection Committee, Japan Society on Water Environment
E-mail:kokusai(a) jswe.or.jp Please convert "(a)" into "@".
(Please write "JSWE International Activity Award" in the subject field of E-mail.)

Notification of acceptance

JSWE will notify applicants the result of the selection by February.


Award winners must prepare reports of their activities and submit them to JSWE.