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Annual Conference

The 54th Annual Conference of Japan Society on Water Environment will be held at Iwate University from 16th to 18th March, 2020. We invite you to participate. Submitted short papers will be peer-reviewed by the conference organizing committee.

Site for Submission and Registration

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Because of the rapid spread of the new coronavirus infection, the 54th Annual Conference of JSWE has been canceled.

1.Conference Outline
March 16th(Monday)-18th(Wednesday), 2020 (three days)
Iwate University Ueda Campus
(3-18-8 Ueda, Morioka, Iwate 020-8550 JAPAN)
From JR Morioka Station, approx. 10 - 15 min by bus
Map(available in January 2020)
General presentations (Oral presentation and Poster presentation)
Program(available in January 2020)
Time Table(available in January 2020)
2. Call for Papers
Relevant topics on research results of water environment including in the list(REVISED 2017).
Qualification for presenters
Presenters (including poster presentation) should be a member (individual, corporate),
student member, or International associate member of Japan Society on Water Environment(JSWE).
Contributors cannot become a presenter of two or more podium (including a representative author of poster presentation).
Furthermore, the contributors of annual conference should have completed their admission procedure for membership by Thursday the 31st of October, 2019.
1) Submissions for the 54th Annual Conference of Japan Society on Water Environment will be accepted only electronically through JSWE web site.
A contributor can submit only 1(one) presentation.
Individual and Student member (https://www.jswe.or.jp/member/)
Corporate member and International associate member
After completion, you will be notified of the registration number and submission contents by e-mail. If you do not receive the notification after one working day of submission, please inquire to the following contact address. To avoid the system trouble, please do not repeat submission of the same contents many times.
2) When submit the application, please be sure to input the membership number (ID) of presenter. Please note that, it should not be accepted, when other number is inputted.
 For individual members, the membership number is the six digit number on the address label of the envelope for JSWE journal that has been sent from JSWE.
 For corporate members and International associate member, the membership number starts with a capital letter of S or K, followed by four digit number.
 The student membership number consists of five-digit number starts with 19 and S at the end.
3) Authors are requested to categorize their presentation on the basis of its contents according to the classification table(REVISED 2017)
4) Please chose the type of presentation (oral presentation, poster presentation, or either).
 Note: Due to the conference venue situation, your preference might not be accepted.
5) The application for presentation, summary manuscript preparation, and presentation at the conference should be in the same language. Manuscripts for the presentation in English should be written in English, and manuscripts for presentation in Japanese should be in Japanese. Presenters who want to change language should inform JSWE secretariat (nenkai@jswe.or.jp).
6) The presentation title, name of author(s) and abstract, cannot be changed after the submission. If the contents of short paper are different from that in the application form, the presentation could be declined. If there is some mistake in the submitted contents, please contact JSWE- secretariat for the Annual Conference (nenkai (a) jswe.or.jp, Please convert "(a)" into "@").
7) Deadline for submission is November 20th (Wednesday) 24:00 JST. Internet access to the JSWE web site may be difficult in days close to the deadline. Therefore, early registration is recommended.
 Any submission will NOT be accepted after the Deadline.
Type of presentation and presentation time:
1) Oral presentations:
Each presentation will be within 15 minutes (10 minutes for presentation, 5 minutes for discussion). Please prepare presentation materials with MS-Windows Power Point 2016. (See in the detail:http://www.jswe.or.jp/event/lectures/pdf/ProjectorENG.pdf)
2) Poster presentations:
Presenters should display their posters during the designated time of conference dates. Discussion time is also scheduled.
Note: PC and other OA equipment are not available for poster presentation. (See in the detail:http://www.jswe.or.jp/event/lectures/pdf/PosterInstruction_Eng.pdf)
3. Manuscript for the Proceedings
Both of oral and poster presenters are requested to submit a short paper for the proceedings.
The copyright of the manuscript on the Proceedings belongs to JSWE.
1(one)-page A4 size (including Figures and Tables)
Contributors should refer to the author guideline on the JSWE website.
The author guideline was revised this year, please refer latest version.
Contributors should submit a short paper via JSWE web site.
Submission Deadline
The short paper should be received NO LATER THAN 24:00(JST) January 16th(Thursday), 2020.
4. Registration

All contributors should register for the conference.

Members of Korean Society of Environmental Engineers (大韓環境工学会) and Chinese Association of Environmental Sciences(中国環境科学学会), and International associate members of JSWE can register on Site with Earlybird Registration fee.

Registration fee
  Earlybird On Site
(Without printed proceeding)
general member ¥6,500 ¥8,000
student member ¥3,000 ¥4,000
Non-member general ¥19,500 ¥21,000
student ¥8,000 ¥9,000
(With printed proceeding)
general member ¥9,500 ¥11,000
student member ¥6,000 ¥7,000
Non-member general ¥22,500 ¥24,000
student ¥11,000 ¥12,000
Banquet general member ¥6,000 ¥7,000
student member ¥5,000 ¥6,000
Non-member general ¥7,000 ¥8,000
student ¥6,000 ¥7,000
elementary school student
or younger
- Free
junior high school student
or older
- ¥6,000
5. Best Presentation Award, Best Student Poster Presentation Award
JSWE-KURITA Best Presentation Award
The applicants should be Graduate students in master's programs
Deadline for application is November 20th (Wednesday) 24:00(JST), 2019.
Any application will NOT be accepted after the Deadline.
For more information about qualification methods
JSWE-LION Best Student Poster Presentation Award
The applicants should be Undergraduate Student, Student of junior college, or Student of technical college
Deadline for application is November 20th (Wednesday) 24:00(JST), 2019.
Any application will NOT be accepted after the Deadline.
For more information about qualification methods
6. Nursery room
There will be a daycare room (free of charge) on Site. Please apply by Thursday, March 5, 2020. Please note that applications after the deadline(March 5, 2020) cannot be handled.
For inquiries and applications, please contact takuji(a)jswe.or.jp . (Please convert "(a)" into "@".)

Please contact the following address:

The Annual Conference Staff
Japan Society on Water Environment (JSWE)
Green Plaza Fukagawa Tokiwa 201, 2-9-7 Tokiwa, Koto-ku, Tokyo 135-0006, JAPAN
E-mail:nenkai (a) jswe.or.jp Please convert "(a)" into "@".