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Seminars and Lectures

People become interested in different aspects of water environments in different eras; thus, people seek different knowledge and information as well. JSWE selects the latest topics on water environments and hosts several seminars every year, inviting leading experts in these fields. Types of seminars include ones for JSWE members and citizens seminars for the general public. Registration of citizen organizations and preferential seminar participation systems are available for citizens who wish to attend JSWE seminars.

Main themes of recent seminars

(Seminars: about twice a year)

  • Water Treatment and Zero Emissions
  • Exotic (foreign) Species and Aquatic Ecosystems
  • New Development to Prevent Pollution by Nitric Acid and Nitrite Nitrogen
  • Roles of Sewage in Recycling in Urban Water Environments
  • Water Quality Standards, Latest Trends, and Future Perspectives on Water Environment
  • Water Environments and the Use of Biomass
  • Use of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to think about water environments
  • Small-scale Industry Wastewater Discharge Treatment System -Development and Empirical Projects-

(Citizens seminar: about once a year)

  • Rich Water Environment and Water Circulation
  • Playing Safely Around the Water
  • Forests and Rivers which Support Rich Gifts of the Ocean
  • Water Circulation -Past and Future of Water that Supports our Lives-
  • Benefits and Future of the Gifts of the Land, Groundwater, and Spring Water
  • Urban Lives and Water -the Backstage of Comfort-

Cancellation Policy

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