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We are pleased to invite you to participate in the Water and Environment Technology Conference 2018 (WET2018), which will be held in Matsuyama, Ehime, Japan on the 14th–15th July 2018. The conference will focus on topics related to water environment, and provide a hybrid-type forum to promote exchange of information, ideas and knowledge among scientists, engineers and students. In parallel with WET2018, the workshop organized by Japan Young Water Professionals (YWP) will be concomitantly held.

Scientific committee encourages participants to submit their manuscripts to the Journal of Water and Environment Technology (JWET), which is an official journal of the Japan Society on Water Environment (JSWE). Manuscript submitted to JWET will be subjected to the normal peer-review process. We look forward to welcoming you at WET2018.

Information regarding to the heavy rainfall in Western Japan in July 2018

WET2018 conference is held on schedule.
It is almost as usual in transportation and infrastructures inside Matsuyama City, including Matsuyama airport to Matsuyama City Central.
Surface transfer from Honshu Island (i.e., from Okayama or Hiroshima) is not recommended.

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