Japan Society on Water Environment


JSWE hosts a JSWE Symposium every autumn on top of the Annual JSWE Conference in the spring so as to provide opportunities to promote research development in a wide range of fields concerning water environments and encourage communication among members. Unlike the Annual Conference, the Symposium mainly consists of sessions organized by research committees. In addition, a young researchers' session (Organo session) is conducted so as to encourage research and to foster human resources by giving doctoral research promotion awards (Organo Award), targeting students enrolled in doctoral programs.

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The 26th JSWE Symposium
20th-21st September, 2023
OSAKA University
The 25th JSWE Symposium
6th-7th September, 2022
Hybrid (The University of Tokyo and Online)
The 24th JSWE Symposium
September 14 ~ 15, 2021
The 23rd JSWE Symposium
September 9 ~ 10, 2020
University of Miyazaki
Due to COVID-19, the 23rd JSWE Symposium was held online
The 22nd JSWE Symposium
September 5 ~ 6, 2019
Hokkai-Gakuen University
The 21st JSWE Symposium
September 4 ~ 5, 2018
Shimane University
The 20th JSWE Symposium
September 26 ~ 27, 2017
Wakayama University
URL: http://www.wakayama-u.ac.jp/en/index.html
The 19th JSWE Symposium
September 13 ~ 14, 2016
Akita Prefectural University, Akita Campus
URL: http://www.akita-pu.ac.jp/language/EN/location.html
The 18th JSWE Symposium
September 14 ~ 15, 2015
Shinshu University, Nagano-Engineering Campus
URL: http://www.shinshu-u.ac.jp/english/about/map/map02.html
The 17th JSWE Symposium
September 08 ~ 10, 2014
The University of Shiga Prefecture
The 16th JSWE Symposium
November 09 ~ 11, 2013
University of the Ryukyus

  • Doctoral research promotion award (Organo Award): This award is aimed to widely introduce excellent research outcomes by doctoral students and to encourage research by young researchers.
  • Excellent paper of the year (Meta Water Award): This award is aimed to encourage research and is awarded to excellent papers published in the organization's journal throughout the year (the JSWE magazine, JWET).